GalleryChar_1900x900_swampThing_5be2040ee56728.33582277Recently there’s been news of a New “Swamp Thing” in Production brought to by the people responsible for the DC Arrow-verse, and how the addition of Adrienne Barbeau to the cast is so important, and cool, and I just wanted to say something about Heather Locklear, and how great of an Actress she was in “The Return of the Swamp Thing”.

I was fortunate enough to meet one of the writers of said movie, “The Return of Swamp Thing”, Mr. Grant Morris, who had me as a guest on his internet Radio show “Its New Orleans” while I was in production of my Micro-budget Indie Noir “Just Another Noir”, way back in 2011, and who was also kind enough to write a quick review of my short “The Picture of DORIAN DARDAR” (2014). At the time it didn’t strike me so hard as a thing of importance because by that time I had been on real movie sets with real movie stars, and I felt he was just another professional doing his part to stay relevant to, what is essentially a niche  film community, providing a marginal space for upstarts like me to voice my opinion and be weird. But Now after reading the News of the New production, and going back and rewatching “The Return of Swamp Thing”, a hokey, slap-happy, sequel with trope scenes we’ve seen before, and theme’s I’ve discovered I ripped off my whole life, played out to comedic perfection, to the Credence Clearwater Revival Song “Born on the Bayou”, which is who I am in this reality—a man proud to have never left home, and like everyone else who was born on the Bayou always wants to be back on the Bayou, I realize now that when I met Grant Morris, I met one of my idols; my real idols who just Loves women enough to help create a role for Heather Locklear, which made her the sexiest role model of all women in my whole life.


I didn’t immediately watch the first Swamp thing with Adrienne Barbeau in the Lead, its was slightly before my time; but I watched Heather Locklear a hundred times, and when I did see Ms. Barbeau it was only after I wished Heather Locklear had more roles in my favorite types of movies. And then when suddenly it seemed that her fame was so important to pop culture, I did’t see a follow up to “The Return of Swamp Thing”, because, obviously people thought she could be cooler doing other things.

So despite the personal troubles she’s been in , I just want to say that I want to see heather Locklear in Swamp Thing…which is, I’m sure, an idea being hashed out as we speak on someone else’s keyboard somewhere across the nation. Its just a matter of time before its said by someone else.


Bad to the Bone,

Born on the Bayou,

and the coolest man you’ll ever meet,

Dorian Dardar

**** ALERT , I WAS WRONG!!!****couples_retreat_094

AS YOU CAN SEE, Jean Reno, of “Couples Retreat” was wearing the Look back in 2009, so I guess The Costumes of that Movie deserve a big Thank you for leading the Trend, with is Still edgy and super cool.

Today I Watched the Trailer for Sylvester Stallone’s New Movie “Escape Plan 2: Hades”, and I noticed the prison uniforms, which appear in the trailer at about 36 seconds in, are karate Gi’s worn with no belts:


I designed the EXACT SAME LOOK for my Super-Low-Budget Masterpiece, “Just Another Noir” way back in 2011–



Here’s me Also wearing the Gi under a black coat in 2014–


And here’s a link to an Article in the “Houma Times” where I’m published wearing the Gi:54761590c13da.image

Here are a few old myspace Blogs I’m reposting on this blog site about the time I met John Cena and Jerry O’Connell on a movie set.

The Time I met John Cena

… I was able to work on the re-shoot for “12 Rounds”, starring WWE superstar, John Cena. it was cool. There were about 15 or so extras there along with Cena, supporting Actor Brian J. White, Director Renny Harlin and crew. while there the girl they put next to me asked me what this movie was about, so I took the opportunity to ask the Cena, who replied “Its about hell on Earth,”Really?”I asked.

“Yeah,” he says, “After Hell leaves Frog Town, it comes to Earth.”

“So do you play Roddy Piper’s nephew or something?”

“No,” he said, “Hell leaves Frog Town, then comes to Earth.”

“Whatever,” I thought, “obviously he didn’t know that Sam Hell was on Earth the whole time.”

Oak Alley Plantation

I woke up a 3:45 AM and drove tor Vacherie from my home in Cutoff. It was a foggy night, and my windshield wipers were not working properly. I arrived at Oak Alley Plantation at 5:45 and made my way to base camp.The costume girls told me what to wear, and we moved onto set. Once there Jerry O’Connell made his way over and welcomed us with a hand shake. It was a pleasant morning . After standing around for a little while I began to circle and kick a pole, when suddenly a man arrived and told me I was to do something. Then as I approached my appointed spot, a woman gave me a pink button up shirt to put on. She instructed me to wear it in the popular fashion. I protested, but I did as she asked, and she went away– at which time I adjusted my attire to suit my taste. Next they told me that I was supposed to carry an ice chest around, and as I was awaiting further instruction Jerry O’Connell stood next to me to discuss my entrance. He starred at the script as if he were trying to solve a complex math problem, like it was The Calculus or something, and he was all like “uhhhh,” and “hmmmm” … ….Eventually I asked him “whats the time?” And he grinned and said, “I’m not really sure, I guess we’ll figure it out as we go along.” So I walked back and forth with an ice chest, picking it up and down over and over again as Jerry O’Connell drank the beers that were in it. after doing this for a while, I saw the principals and DP gather in a circle, and the beautiful girl in the movie was like “it feels dumb to grab a beer with the ice chest way over there, so maybe he should put it down somewhere else.” I was standing on a pillar looking down at them while they were discussing all of this, when suddenly they all looked up to me and said, “Dorian…”
So I pointed within their midst and replied, “I’ll put it there next time.”


“u gotta ratchet city

u gotta a pocket full of hoes wit some saggy titties

then u da sickest look”

— Lil Boosie


1.  a device consisting of a bar or wheel with a set of angled teeth in which a pawl engages, allowing motion in one direction only.

2.  a situation or process that is perceived to be deteriorating or changing steadily in a series of irreversible steps

4. cause something to rise (or fall) as a step in what is perceived as a steady and irreversible process.


a loud unpleasant noise; 

a type of bat with a round or oval frame strung with catgut, nylon, etc., used especially in tennis, badminton, and squash.

an illegal or dishonest scheme for obtaining money.
“a protection racket”

“I’m in the insurance racket”

enjoy oneself socially; go in pursuit of pleasure or entertainment

Its important to note that the current  fiasco  between the Black Lives and police involves their Mutual Rackets and Ratchets. Each group, the police and black lives, are by definition in league with one another to conduct this conflict within the public venue which is the streets.

person: used in legal or formal contexts to refer to an unspecified individual.

Black lives and the Police are by definition the SAME PERSON, i.e. GUN OWNERS, and as such will compete for dominion over the venue (which is the streets).

 an informal alliance

a measure of distance by land, usually about three miles.

Each League team possess a Racket Leader professing their right to be, i.e. Police Chief Brown, or Entertainment Specialist Beyonce.

The League Rackets have come into conflict, and as suck will, as tradition assumes the right, take it to the streets, as it is the public accessible venue, to settle their dispute. All parties within League of each other, that is within the measured distance, are expected to confront each other and commence tournament action.

It is important for all civilians who do not wish to join in the struggle to avoid taking a side in the matter, as to do so would be an attempt to  Ratchet the public opinion of said team, avoid cities or urban area codes to reduce the risk of getting involved, and avoid carrying fire arms, so as not to be confused with the persons involved. Avoid loitering in the streets, and always be ready to call for back up.

despite taking precautions one may find themselves injured in their communities conflicts. but if one is mindful of taking the right precautions, they may pass on with a clean conscious, and unwaivered dignity.



uncle rich and uncle carlton copy
2nd Lt. Carlton V. Hudson

This is My Great Uncle Carlton Hudson. He’s a former United States Army Air Corps Navigator and a P.O.W. shot down in the European Theater. He was the Wing Commander , Major Donald McCoy’s pilotage Navigator during the Kassel mission.

As a navigator in the early 20th century, before INS, GPS and other electronic/mechanical equipment in military aircraft, United States Air Force navigators used the stars, such as the “Summer Triangle” asterism as their “Navigator’s Triangle”. Its an interesting Coincident that the first German observatory was built in Kassel in 1558. Its also interesting to note that this particular European Theater play would bomb the city where  in 1604, the first permanent German theatre building, the Ottoneum, was constructed.

The most severe bombing of Kassel in World War II destroyed 90% of the downtown area, some 10,000 people were killed, and 150,000 were made homeless. The city’s name is derived from the ancient Castellum Cattorum, a castle of the Chatti, a German tribe that had lived in the area since Roman times.

The city of Kassel often associates itself with the “Kessel Run” of “Star Wars” Fame. In the movie Star Wars, the planet “Kessel” hosted spice mines, utilizing smugglers and freighter captains to deliver product to the crime families of the universe. The Galactic Empire operated a mining operation, employing numerous slaves, to harvest spice. The Kessel run is noted to be an exceptionally dangerous run for all space pilots. In real life, The Kassel mission was the  worst loss of any mission throughout the war. As many as 35 bombers, including my Great Uncles, was shot down.

In the late 1930s Nazis destroyed Heinrich Hübsch’s Kassel Synagogue, and in World War II, Kassel, Germany was the Headquarters for Wehrkreis IX; a concentration camp which provided forced labour for the Henschel facilities, which included tank production plants.

Hesse-Kassel became infamous for selling mercenaries (Hessians) to the British crown to help suppress the American Revolution. The Hessians were forced, or press-ganged soldiers forced into service, by threat of death.

In the days of yore, Kassel was a centre of Calvinist Protestantism in Germany. Strong fortifications were built to protect the Protestant stronghold against Catholic enemies. Secret societies, such as Rosicrucianism flourished, with Christian Rosenkreutz’s work Fama Fraternitis first published in 1617.the famous Brothers Grimm were also from Kassel, and wrote most of their fairy tales there

In 1685, Kassel became a refuge for 1,700 Huguenots. Charles , Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel, ordered the construction of the Oktagon and of the Orangerie. the Orangrie would later be restored and transformed into the astronomy and physical cabinet with planetarium.

Oktagon, or “Hercules” is a copper statue depicting the ancient Greek demigod. The statue is located at the top of a Pyramid, which stands on top of the Octagon; the statue and the other parts of the monument were constructed at different times.

 the Documenta,  an exhibition of modern and contemporary art which takes place every five years in Kassel, and as such Kassel has became the first town in the world to be illuminated by laser beams at night. 

The Strategic Defense Initiative (SDI) a proposed missile defense system nicknamed, “Star Wars”, by the media, reportedly has laser weapons, as well as 360 degree laser shields in development.


The Oracle of Delphi

Delphi is famous as the ancient sanctuary of the oracle that  was consulted on important decisions throughout the ancient classical world. Moreover, it was considered as the navel (or centre) of the world by the Greeks.

the word Delphi can be split into  Del Phi, and the be analyzed mathematically or logically to see how this is done.



Del, is an operator used in mathematics, in particular, in vector calculus, as a vector differential operator, usually represented by the nabla symbol ∇ (which represents a harp). When applied to a function defined on a one-dimensional domain, it denotes its standard derivative. to denote is to mark with a symbol.


As a symbol, is used as the work function of a surface is solid-state physics. It also represents A sentence in first-order logic. In philosophy, φ is often used as shorthand for a generic act. In perceptual psychology, the phi phenomenon is the apparent motion caused by the successive viewing of stationary objects, such as the frames of a motion picture.

so it can be said that Del Phi is a differential “Operator” and his work or act. 

A differential operator is an operator defined as a function of the differentiation operator(a.k.a. derivative) Differentiation is the action of computing a derivative. It is helpful, as a matter of notation first, to consider differentiation as an abstract operation that accepts a function and returns another function (in the style of a higher-order function in computer science). The derivative of a function of a real variable measures the sensitivity to change of a quantity  which is determined by another quantity (the independent variable).

How does this relate to people and fortune telling?

Within the symbolic language of vexillology which is the standard language of Heraldry for an inheritable coat -of-arms, a child is known as a “Difference”. and Each Difference, is marked with another symbol, which denotes his expected work. So first there’s the father’s shield, which is used as a basis for Paternally oriented cultures, As head of house hold he would carry it as it is, and his sons would carry a version of it, with the corresponding mark according to their birth order, which would also relate to the work they were expected to be responsible for within the family.

So the oracle knew who you were by your Coat of arms, and its markings. They would ask you a few questions, and tally up your expected results depending on your succession rates and the competition in the field. They write you a prescription for success depending on their summations.

“Hey ! Mr Tambourine Man, play a song for me
I’m not sleepy and there is no place I’m going to
Hey ! Mr Tambourine Man, play a song for me
In the jingle jangle morning I’ll come followin’ you.”

–Bob Dylan, Mr. Tamborine Man

More than 88,000 gallons of crude oil discharged from a Shell subsea wellhead into the Gulf of Mexico off Timbalier Island on Thursday (May 12), The wellhead is now secure, according to the news release.

The cause of the spill is being investigated, and a Coast Guard team is assessing the site.

Timbalier Bay is a physical feature (bay) in Lafourche Parish. Its named For Sylvian Filiosa, a French Calvary man  who was granted the Island by the French after he survived what seemed like an inevitable defeat by the  Natchez Indian attack by scaring them all away with by playing a pair of Kettle Drums, earning him the nickname “Le Beau Timballier”, and so his Island, Timbalier Island, and Timbalier Bay.

“Though I know that evenin’s empire has returned into sand
Vanished from my hand
Left me blindly here to stand but still not sleeping”…

The Naval Seaplane Tender, U.S.S .Timbalier was also named after this, and was in commission from 1946 to 1954, performing most of her active service in the Caribbean. She was in reserve from 1954 to 1960, then sold into commercial service. She operated as the Greek cruise ship MV Rodos from 1960 to 1989.



Martin Luther…
His wife Katharina was overheard saying, “Dear husband, you are too rude,” and he responded, “They are teaching me to be rude.”

This quote proves that He, Martin , had no Autonomous governing ability, and therefore led a reformation that holds no real spiritual power or significance. It is plain to see by reason of scientific profiling that he was still dependent on his church fathers, and others, for his spiritual direction and constitution, and led his charger against the Patriarchs as a way to get the “one up” on the tyrants above him, in a self determined willful rebellion “to be somebody!”

Are you concerned about religious Wars in your Neighborhood? Today or current military forces are preoccupied with battling the Insurgency in far off lands, but did you know Christian Nations have been fighting the Insurgency since 1066, when William the Conqueror took over England. Since then Denominationalist Christians have been lording over peoples and fighting off insurgents and terrorist attacks. 

The Very first Insurgents were the Angli and Saxony peoples, losers to the Norman force. Upon their Victory, the Normans set up Denominationalist Churches, a denominationalist church being a church ruled by denominationalist people– Norman people.

Aside from being a differed branch of the church, a Denomination is a proper description of a currency amount i.e. “cash value”. At the time, a Norman life had an imposed Value. The word murdum, or murder was used specifically  to describe the act of killing a Norman. If a norman was assassinated by a Angli or Saxon, the community had to turn in the guilty party, or they would have to pay 46 shillings, or 100 furs. 

In today’s modern world, where we’re all afraid of religious zealotry, its important to note who’s in charge. Investigate the named origins of your church associates, and be on the look out for Demoninational Churches who may be lead by a Non-Norman insurgency. The Insurgency is everywhere, however not just in Denominational Christian churches, but in denominational Muslim, and Jewish faiths as well. so know who your Faith based denominational families are, and avoid the Insurgency.

Because as it is written, only that which is Denominational can be counted among God’s people.


A long time ago there were an ancient tribe of Greeks, called the DORIANS. their origins laden in mystery, but their fingerprint marks the Checks at the drive-through windows of our culture. Here are the reasons, you and everyone you know are OWNED BY DORIAN:


The Dorians believed in an Organized society led by LAW and RELIGION. Just like today they had a healthy belief that the Powers of Church and Government must be separate in order to insure a just and fair society for all, and even went so far as to elect 2 separate kings at once to insure a society of liberty and equality.



Gladstones military arm stripes 

Are you in the Military, or know someone who is?  That makes You OWNED BY DORIAN.
The Chevron, as a military insignia goes back to Ancient Sparta, a Dorian Culture, and is used by Military and police worldwide.



The Dorians were a true feminist culture. although they are identified as being the truest masculine identity of all Greek societies, the Dorian Women were empowered and were envied by all other greeks for their freedoms in Society. While the women in Athens were indeed slaves, the women in Sparta were educated in Music, Martial Arts, Dancing, and economics, and literally had no competition at the Olympics because all other women were banned by their slave holding Societies.



WAY before the Beatles, and the British Invasion, the DORIANS used Music in order to generate loyal fans and rule the world in their own time. To the Dorians education was called Learning to play Music and all educated musicians of today continue to study what’s known as the “Dorian Mode” while rocking out on Jazz guitar or Rock Music.

The DORIANS are by far the SUPREME CULTURE, and all that we are and want to be in America, was then and indeed, OWNED BY DORIAN.